Prof. G.-M. Rignanese

Senior researcher of the National Fund for Scientific research is together a long-term contributor to the ABINIT project, a skilled user of Green functions and a recent key player in the Materials Project, as demonstrated in his more than 90 publications (Google scholar h-index: 43). At present, he is heading different projects that build on both ABINIT and the Materials project strengths to open new domains of high-throughput search for new materials especially in the domain of energy (electrocatalyst, photovoltaics, batteries, and thermoelectrics).

Dr. Carina Faber

In the current CSA, she is the project leader of the roadmapping workpackage. She is a post-doctoral researcher at UCLouvain, where she pursues materials research on electrochemical reactions in oxide materials. Her field of expertise are first-principles computational methods to study material properties in close collaboration with experiment. Dr. Faber has published 10 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has a h-index of 10. Born in 1987, she received her PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France) in 2014 under the supervision of Xavier Blase (CNRS, Grenoble) and Thierry Deutsch (CEA, Grenoble). Her research focused on organic photovoltaics, namely the efficient and accurate calculation of electronic and optical properties of organic molecules. She then worked in the group of Nicola Spaldin at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). In close collaboration with experiment, she studied the interplay between ferroelectricity, magnetism, strain, and oxygen vacancies in multiferroic perovskites materials. In September 2016, Dr. Faber joined the Fraunhofer EU Office in Brussels as a senior policy advisor. She supported the Executive Board in the strategic positioning of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Europe and represented the interests of the 70 research institutes vis-à-vis the European institutions and stakeholder associations. Based on her former research interests, she focused on Energy, Transport and Materials’ research topics. She strongly contributed to several position papers on the design of the future European framework programme for research and innovation (Horizon Europe). Dr. Faber is involved in the Sunrise initiative since June 2017, first representing Fraunhofer, now UCLouvain.