SUNRISE is one of six candidates for a future European large-scale research initiative. It proposes a sustainable alternative to the fossil-based, energy-intensive production of fuels and base chemicals. The needed energy will be provided by sunlight, the raw materials will be molecules abundantly available in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen.

The SUNRISE core group is formed by University of Leiden (NL, Prof. Huub de Groot, coordinator), UC Louvain (BE), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NW), University of Turku (FI), Imperial College  London (UK), University of Uppsala (SE), University of Warsaw (PL), the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry (CZ) Jülich Forschungcentrum (DE), Fraunhofer (DE), CNR (IT), CEA (FR), EMPA (CH), EERA (EU), the IMDEA Energy Institute (Dr. Víctor de la Peña, contact node for Spain), ICIQ (ES), EMIRI (EU), Johnson Matthey (UK), Siemens (DE) and Engie (FR). Around this core group, it counts on the support of more than 100 institutions including Universities, research centres, companies, industry associations and public bodies.

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