What does ‘circular economy’ stand for? Why is it important? How can we incorporate it in our daily lives?

Awareness of the importance of the circular economy and its role towards building a sustainable society has grown in parallel with research on the subject. Over the past months, SUNRISE has contributed to this awareness not only through its website and digital ecosystem, but also through its different events like the SUNRISE Stakeholder Workshop. This meeting, organized during the EU Sustainable Energy Week, specifically addressed renewable energy experts from Academia, Industry and Policy.

Now, the SUNRISE team has developed a collection of infographics to better understand what the circular economy consists of and why it is a key alternative to the linear economy. Check out the three illustrations detailing some of the many benefits of this economic system and providing tips to contribute to it.

Watch for a new SUNRISE online resource on the topic to be released throughout the following days, both on our website and via our social media channels. Stay tuned & follow @sunriseaction to find out more!