On May 15-16, the SUNRISE consortium met at the beautiful city of Bologna, Italy.

The main discussions were about the project’s consolidated vision, to be built following partners and supporters’ input on the PRD [Priority Research Directions]. Current works on innovation, governance and dissemination and communication were also discussed.

We had time to celebrate the International Day of Light on May 16, with a very early facebook live interview with our deputy coordinator, Hervé Bercegol. 

Moreover, we counted with a truly inspiring talk about the global green shift with very interesting and surprising facts fom John A. Mathews, an expert in circular economy and Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Business & Economics from the Macquarie University Sydney, Australia. Check out our interview with him on the greening of global industry with an emphasis on China’s role.

The talk was followed by a networking session with some of our Italian supporters, a good way to finish the meeting.