Picture caption: The broad field of technologies from biofuel to renewable power, and their TRLs (schematic). The large-scale research
initiative is indicated with a dashed contour and covers the technologies ranging from (A) advanced biotech with synthetic biology,
(B) the visionary “artificial leaf” based on advances in life sciences and nanotechnology in the center, and on the right (C) synthesis
with activated CO2 and (D) direct conversion with photoelectrolysis (PEC) or thermolysis, and conventional conversion of renewable
electricity with electrolysis. Arrows A, B and D address PRD3, how to obtain all the hydrogen to decarbonize our economies. Arrow
C concerns PRD1, how to combine water electrolysis with CO2 capture. Finally, with arrows A,B, and C will be determined to what
extent integration of steps gives better processes in terms of efficiency, selectivity and concentration over the value chain, i.e. PRD2.
Adapted from Purchase et al., DOI: 10.1142/9789813274440_0003


The final version of the Blueprint is now available. The blueprint  document offers a guideline to implement a European large-scale research cooperation working on securing the supply side of the circular economy with renewable fuel and chemicals is a deliverable of SUNRISE CSA with input from its sister CSA Energy-X.

This June version of the Blueprint collected input of interested supporters, bringing together a range of participants from academia, research organisations, society and from the private sector. With this blueprint we urge to complement the scope of existing European partnerships and enable the full decoupling of economic growth from the utilization of resources at the local, regional, national and European levels for a sustainable resilient growing economy that leaves no one behind.

The document offers an overview of European Networks of SUNRISE facilities, identification of required competencies and key partners, as well as needed infrastructures. In addition, it also provides a governance structure overview and an investment scenario.

The final version of the document contains the revisions made according to the reviewers of the project allocated by the European Commission.


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