Siemens, Corporate Technology

Prof. Dr. M. Fleischer

Chief Key Expert for Energy Technologies. Expertise in research: surface chemistry, physical chemistry, optics and gas solid interfaces, semiconductors, materials for energy. He is engaged in various boards, steering committees, advisory groups and boards of trustees in the national and in-ternational arena. He is author of 180 international patent families with > 800 individual filings, author of more than 300 scientific publications, > 70 invited/keynote lectures, ca. 3333 citations, current H-index is 31 (Scopus).

Dr. Elfriede Simon

Principal key expert for green fuels and photovoltaic technologies with broad experiences in material science, optical and chemical systems, analytical chemistry and sensorics. She has long term experiences in technology and innovation management, thereof several years in innovation strategy as advisor for CTO and CEO. Her background is Chemistry (Diploma) with a PhD in Environmental Science. She is engaged as reviewer and is part of advisory committees, lecturer at University, author and co-author of scientific papers, patents and science books.

Dr. Thomas Soller

Educated in Physics, Chemistry and Material Sciences, he contributes expertise in advanced materials, manufacturing and repair technologies. He has a track record in project management, innovation management and technology strategy development both at Corporate Technology and in the Power and Gas business. Currently, he focuses on concepts and strategy development for advanced materials and their processing with regard to digitalization.

Dr. Ireneusz Pyc

Long-term experience in energy system analytics, techno-economics, technology assessment, markets and energy industry development. Manager for PtX – activities within technology and innovation department of power and Gas division. Focus on e-fuels, esp. methanol and methanol based products.