The European Commission is preparing the implementation of Horizon Europe, the next and most ambitious EU research and innovation programme (2021-2027) with a proposed budget of €100 billion, in an intensive co-design process. The process will help shape European research and innovation investments in the coming years. After the first online consultation, the Commission has launched a second online consultation, as part of the process. The current consultation will be open until November 17 and it refers to the revised version of the ‘Orientations’ document:  “Orientations towards the first Strategic Plan implementing the research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe.

The inputs received will inform the work to prepare a ‘Strategic Plan’ for Horizon Europe, which will then guide the work programmes and calls for proposals for Horizon Europe’s first four years (2021-2024). Overall, the consultation will help identify impacts, spark debate and new ideas.

See the brief interim report on the first web-based consultation.

Proposed structure of the future Horizon Europe Programme