Imperial College London

Prof. James Durrant

Prof. Durrant is Professor of Photochemistry in the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London and Sêr Cymru Solar Professor, College of Engineering Swansea University. He has published over 400 peer-reviewed papers on solar fuels, solar energy conversion and related topics, which have been extensively cited (times cited ~49,000, h-index = 119). For his contributions to understanding the photochemistry of solar energy devices he was awarded the RSC Tilden Prize (2012), was made a Fellow of the Royal Society (2017) and was awarded the Royal Society Hughes Medal (2018). He is currently the Director of Imperial’s Doctoral Training Centre for Plastic Electronics and UK lead on Mission Innovation Sunlight Conversion, and was founding director of the UK Solar Fuels Network. Prof. Durrant has had extensive involvement in projects funded by the EPSRC, EU, ERC and industry. He has been a partner in previous EU Framework Programme grants including Heteromolmat, CHEETAH and A-LEAF. He also has extensive experience in the training of postgraduate researchers, having completed the training of over 30 PhD students. He coordinates Imperial College’s contribution to the SUNRISE project.

Dr. Andreas Kafizas

Dr. Andreas Kafizas is a Lecturer in Climate Change and the Environment at the Grantham Institute, Imperial College London. His research is focused on developing photocatalytic coatings for renewable fuels production (e.g. hydrogen fuel from water and carbon-based fuels from CO2), air remediation (e.g. NOx and VOC oxidation) and water remediation (e.g. arsenic heavy metal removal). Andreas has studied the excited states formed in these photocatalytic materials using time resolved spectroscopies, and has been able to link their behaviour to activity. Andreas has also developed thermochromic and electrochromic window coatings. He has a keen interest in using combinatorial synthesis for materials discovery. During his research career, he has published over 60 peer-reviewed papers and written 5 book chapters (>2200 citations, h-index = 32).